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Each year, Christmas rushes by faster and faster; and before we realize it, the holidays are over.  The Christmas Town was created as a gift for families to step out of the bustle and step into a peaceful, merry town in the beautiful Texas hill country, welcoming you to remember the joy of Christmas. From building the walk through "Town of Bethlehem" on the night of Christ's birth to carefully choosing the smaller details of unique and delicious foods, the volunteer town's people will bring back the memory and atmosphere of this amazing season. There is something for everyone in the town. Sit back, relax, and enjoy live Christmas music. Jump on the hayride for a short ride with the kids in the night air. Stroll through the courtyard of lights with our 30ft walk through Star and 18 ft Angel Gabriel. After interacting with and walking through the town of Bethlehem, come inside for a 24 foot walk through Gingerbread House and Forest of decorated trees. Christmas shopping at booths; kids' unique, meaningful, and fun activities; and holiday foods and desserts are just some of the activities at The Christmas Town that will make new memories this year. This family, holiday atmosphere of fellowship and fun will be just what you need to remind you of the true joy of Christmas!

The Christmas Town is sponsored by the friends and families of Christian Character Ministries and Vanguard Christian Education with over 35+ years of experience working with kids and families.

Start your season off with a wonderful Christmas event like no other!

We are LOOKING for VOLUNTEERS to help us spread the Christmas spirit this year. Contact us through the website (click on our Location page) or call Trish at 210-852-1007 for more information.

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